With the monsoon picks- up pace, and your days in the city are nothing more than just usual spells of showers, it sure is a wake up call to go vacationing. Do not curse the season for being stuck inside, instead pack your bags because monsoon brings a time when you can actively communion with nature. For this, you have primarily two options-either go North in the abode of the Himalayas, or make your way looking for leisure and variety in South. The mighty high regions in the Himalayas will give you some gut wrenching adventure, which you possibly crave right now, listening the boring tip tap of the rain falling outside. While the second option will steal you a little me time from your busy schedule to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in some of the best locations of Coorg and Kerala. Thus, to make your July more eventful, mentioned below are some of the most amazing places in India. Fun fact is, most of these places have incredibly low prices due to monsoons. So, Happy Holidaying!