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Travel Tour Manager/Agents
Job Location: Bhopal, Indore

We are seeking an experienced Group travel planner and operations manager. Meticulous attention to detail and excellent organizational skills is required and being self-sufficient and pro-active is a must.

Hours are M-S from 10:00 AM to 6 PM. However, upon management request and company needs, you are obligated to work additional hours as needed. In addition, you have to be available 24/7 or within reason, to handle urgent situations and requests from your clients.Group Planner & Operations Tasks and Responsibilities: The responsibilities as group planer include but are not limited to the following tasks, covering the lifecycle of a group tour, from request to after-of-trip procedures

1. Requests: Respond to and clarify new trip requests from new and assigned clients.

2. Planning: Set up trip framework (itinerary, services needed etc.).

3. Send requests for proposals (RFP's) to suppliers, negotiate with suppliers.

4. Select best solutions & create client proposal.

5. Adjust according to client preferences get client acceptance.

6. Create contract and send to client.

7. Operations:

  • Review, negotiate and manage supplier contracts and deadlines.

  • Record all trip details in company planning system as they become relevant.

  • Make sure client adheres to client deadlines and supplier requirements.

  • Provide client support to produce highest participation numbers and sublime client happiness.

  • Collect and record receivables from clients, and record and request payments to suppliers from the accounting team.

  • Finalize travel documents and arrangements for the trip.

  • On-the-road support and communication with suppliers to ensure successful execution of the actual trip

8. Consolidate all information and make final arrangements to close the trip including payables and receivables, and calculating P&L.

Experience and skills:

1. 2-3 years of group travel planning experience is a must.

2. Dealing with demanding clients and general customer service experience.

3. Knowledge of Amadeus is a plus including ticketing.

4. General computer skills required.

5. Personal travel experience and love of travel is highly desired.

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