Uttarakhand has long been known as Land of Gods and is popular for its pure beauty. The waterfalls, snow-capped mountain peaks and scenic sunrises and sunsets have attracted many tourists. Everyone likes a good ghost story, and the Himalayan state known for its spiritual attractions is making a spirited proposal to cash in on the public’s interest in the mysterious and supernatural.

However, recently the state government has recorded a downfall in the number of tourists coming to Uttarakhand. Hence as a measure to improve the economy of the state, the government is introducing a newly revised list of tourist hotspots. The list of these new tourist spots is going to include spooky places in the state.
Uttarakhand has a rich heritage to offer to its tourists. It has many religious pilgrim places. And an equal number of hill stations also are the most popular in the entire world. However, there are quite a number of eerie places in Uttarakhand too. They have many ghostly tales associated with them. Any adventure loving explorer will be dragged to this place to uncover the mystery of these places. But they have never been officially promoted. While Delhi Khooni Darwaza and Bhangarh attract even TV show hosts, the Uttarakhand haunted places remain unknown.  The few promoted sites are noted below:-

  • Abbey bungalow on Abbott hill in Lohaghat is known for its mysterious Mukri Kothri where many people were killed in the mid 1900s and people have regularly reported seeing mysterious activities.
  • The Lambi Dehar Mines also have had their share of misfortune spread over several decades. Thick forests, steep valleys, biting cold, cutting the wind and dead silence makes this one of the world’s most haunted place. Cars go off control and a mysterious helicopter crash also occurred. The mines are dark long tunnels. There are stories about a witch who runs down the mountains screaming. People stay away from the cursed mines. However, it is not known by many people and thus is undiscovered by the enthusiasts

  • Fortune The Savoy Hotel, which is amongst the most haunted hotels in India, is the place where Lady Garnet—a spiritual healer—was poisoned and her murder mystery was never resolved and people believe that she still haunts the place.

The government is working on finding out more such places. They plan to promote Uttarakhand haunted places to attract foreign tourists. The lately revealed places already can send a chill through the spine of any horror lover. Are you craving to visit these places where the God and the devil live together? Flying Venus travels can assist you here 🙂

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