Life has always been so fair to me, especially when I realize that I have the time to make my family happy. Similarly it happened this time when I got the opportunity to actually feel “The Incredible Heart of India” with the family by my side. And this time the motive was making my father happy by taking him to the religious and purest places called Mahakaleshwar & Omkareshwar. At the same time I wanted to gift a trip to my beloved wife and my kids with the best of tourist attractions in the gem called ‘Hindustan ka dil’ – Madhya Pradesh.
We the gang of 7 gujarati’s started our journey and reached Indore Railway Junction where my trip started with a  tour operator in Bhopal say Flying Venus Travels Pvt. Ltd. who helped in early check-in’s and transfers too because this I shouldn’t forget to mention and a tonne thanks for their well supreme arrangements and especially for our Marital Anniversary arrangements they surprised for us. Memorable!

Here we go! With the first destination called Mandu which offered a lot of scenic beauty and the Historic Jahaz Mahal in Mandu which looks like a ship that’s about to sail. After all the meals, sightseeing’s and overnight stay we moved towards Ujjain next day. It was a blessing to get such religionist chance to attain the Bhasm Aarti. And I was Happy to see my father and my kids giving their solemn vows in the name of God- Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar.

For the next day we resided to “The City of Lakes-Bhopal”. I should recommend this city to you, it is such a pure relax buster that you will forget everything and will just go with the flow like that of the lakes. Bhopal itself the heart of M.P. and its nearby attractions Sanchi, Bhojpur, Bhimbetka was too amusing to travel.

Our Last stop was Pachmarhi- The Queen! We stayed there for long 3 days. In the lap of waterfalls, Mountains, Touching air and the greenery was enough for me to fill my summer vacations with the Awesome of the memories. I have always been a traveler and keeps travelling but yes Dear Flying Venus and their team made so ravishing arrangements that I am gonna book my next trips with you for sure.

I Believe – “To Travel is to Live” and im loving it pa ra pa pa pa… Haha! Well it was my best religious and amazing trip to Madhya Pradesh.

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