Mental health problems are awfully common and can affect anyone at any time. And that time period is the one where nothing can make you happy because you wanna hide somewhere where nothing as such can exist. The paid frat is me. Eighteen months ago I was in my final semester of my undergrad degree, with good grades. I had a perfect life which has the basic necessities, friends, and work.  My life seemed faultless. Yet I couldn’t understand why I suddenly found my selves living so terrifying and exhausting, which makes no sense at all. Most of that period of my life is now a blur in my memory.

Suddenly surfing through many sites one day travelling caught my eye upon!  My timetable had the most for the destinations, nature, adventures and wandering. After months of pain, medication and therapy, I slowly felt my old self returning. I knew I was still recovering, but now I was full of enthusiasm and excitement, about to see far more of the world, and feeling a lust for living that I’d forgotten was even possible. The girl, who was always running away from what frightened her, was flying towards the unknown. My fears had been swept aside by excitement, self-belief and the love and support of my family and friends and I couldn’t realise when my daily routine turned up into a reality. A tonne thanks to Flying Venus Travels-a tour operator in Bhopal for giving me wings to fly and fight my own disease with the wills more powerful than ever before

5 Ways Travel Heals Depression

Removes you from your external stressors.

Travel allows us to completely remove ourselves from our natural environment and more importantly, our external stressors. The complete change of scenery provides a sense of relief which can free the mind to help you tune in to what you need for yourself. Whether it is of the mind or body, travel allows you to listen to what you truly need

Allows you to reflect and recharge.

Rock climbing? Hiking a great trail? Lying out on a beach listening to sound of rolling waves? Travel allows you the ability to do what you want on your own time which includes to fully relaxing and figure out what truly makes you happy. The best times of reflection and decision-making is when we’re free of stress.

Doing the things you want to do without judgment.

Whether you want to curl up and hang out in a hotel room with a book or, taking some time to yourself by watching the tides come in; travel releases you from your obligations and you can do, think, and feel whatever you desire without judgment.

Gets you out and moving. 

One of the biggest challenges of depression is having the energy and/or motivation to continue to keep moving. At times, it may feel like cement blocks on one’s feet but travel has a funny way to magically make those cement blocks feel like feathers and at times, non-existent

The freedom to “just be”.

Whether we’re chugging along, sprinting to classes, or dealing with the never-end marathon of the rat-race, it is easy to take our time and health for granted. The adrenalines, feeling of guilt or obligation are band-aids that we use to mask the pain. Travel can allow stillness and peace of mind to our lives. It differs from person to person but the state to which we are able to “just be” is priceless for our mind and our body.

Now you may be wondering what Hakuna Matata is?

So, it means say goodbye to worries. And I really waved bye to my depressions with the help of Travelling and Flying venus gave me extra wings to fly and let myself be the power of my own.

Love Flying venus Travels


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