Wanna know how does it feel to be inside water with gigantic coral reefs or to be on top of waves while gliding across the sea surface?

Well, I felt and it feels simply awesome!

Water sports are a great way to enjoy the beauty of beaches in India and to discover the underwater life of the ocean. Goa is one of the best beach destinations in India that offers some of the most thrilling water sports like para-sailing, sunset cruises, snorkeling and diving, kayaking, scuba-diving, windsurfing, water skiing, etc. all included in tour packages in goa.The heart-pumping water adventure like scuba diving, wind surfing, and water ski are the best alternative to the mountain adventure for everyone looking for some thrill in their life.

Tour operators in Goa offers endless options for water adventure activities across its vast coastlines; ‘Goa’ gives you an ideal holiday experience and you can also get your best escape after your marriage with Goa Honeymoon packages because it offers some of the daring water sports like scuba-diving. The fabulous golden coasts of Goa stay open throughout the year; when the skies are bright and sea is placid.

The water activities provided in Goa are at par with International standards and norms and mostly mandate that participants be accompanied by instructors when performing these activities. From really fast water sports like jet skiing and wind surfing to the slower ones like scuba diving, there is something for everyone in Goa. So, if you are planning to perform any of the above mentioned water sports on the glittering deep ocean, Goa is the place to taste the real fun. Here are some heart-pumping water sports activities to try in the deep oceans of Goa. Read through……….

Yatch in Goa

To witness the beauty of the ocean and to relax & chill out in the peaceful surroundings of the Arabian Sea, experience a Yatch ride in Goa to collect some magical moments of your life. Goa has some of the best options to cruise on the Arabian Sea while enjoying activities like sun bathing, fishing, snoozing, dining & eating, and of course romancing. Some of the best Yatch trips are available at Miramar Beach, Candolim Beach, etc.

Major destinations: Mandovi River, Mayem Lake, Miramar Beach, Candolim Beach, and Palolem Beach.

Essentials: Carry sunglasses, casual clothes ; and swim outfit.

Kneeboarding in Goa

Considered to be the modern cousin of water skiing and wakeboard, the ‘Kneeboarding’ is often used as a primary stage of learning hard-hitting water sports. This amazing water activity has recently gained popularity amongst the youths who simply like to indulge in soft water adventures at the beach side.

Major destinations: You can try Kneeboarding at Candolim Beach, Mobor Beach, and Rajbaga Beach.

Safety measure:-  To enjoy the activity make sure that you don’t get bogged down by the technicalities, alsothe sport does require some skills, and therefore should be carried out only by adults

Kayaking in Goa

This wonderful water sport is more of a peaceful trip than any hard-hitting water adventure that could takes you deep into the ocean. You can enjoy Kayaking while exploring the beauty of the Goan shores where you can move freely using a paddle and explore the Natural Ecosystem of Goa in the mangroves, mud-flats, backwaters, coves and mini bays.

Major destinations: Kayaking in Goa is popular along the South Goa beaches and at some beaches of the North Goa, including Palolem Beach, Dona Paula jetty, and Hollant Beach.

Safety tips: Always wear a life jacket, do not enter the deep sea, and avoid Kayaking during rain or when the sea is rough. 

Wakeboarding in Goa

Out of the so many water sports in Goa, one of the most budding water adventures is Wakeboarding. It is quite similar to Water Skiing in which the rider rides on a single board, towed behind the boat so one can glide through the waters. It is easy to perform compared to the other water sports, which require more focus on balance. It is one of the newest water sports, which is slowly being noticed by travelers who visit Goa from different parts of the country to indulge in water adventure activities.

Major destinations: Candolim Beach, Mabor

Scuba Driving 

For those who are looking for an inside water adventure, try out Scuba diving in the shallow shores of Goa, famous for their rich marine life. Although, you will not get to see gigantic coral reefs here, the scintillating underwater life will definitely excite you. Goa embrace some of the most amazing scuba diving sites around the Grand Island, which are only a few kilometers away from South Goa

Major destinations: Grande Islands, St. George Island, Devagh Island, and Pigeon Island.

Safety measures:-  Follow the Pre Diving Briefings carefully and handle the snorkel carefully

White Water Rafting 

Looking for River Rafting in Goa? People who love adventure sports will find this place no less than a heaven, as it is surrounded by beautiful trees and plant vegetation. Foreign travelers love this place and visit it in large numbers every year.

Major destinations: Mhadei River in Valpoi, Sattari.

Safety measures: Follow every instruction provided by the coach carefully, wear life jacket all throughout the ride, and avoid bringing any biodegradable items.

With a range of water sports taking place here, Goa has become a hub of water adventures in India. Flying venus travels one leading tour operators in Bhopal has adventurous beach Holiday plans and Goa honeymoon tour packages in India. You just plan your vacation to Goa and gather some of the best moments of your life spent with family ,friends and your partner. If you are an adventure enthusiast, your passion to perform water adventures can be fulfilled on beautiful Goan beaches only by Flying venus travels. Because we work for your dreams.

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