Best Experiences to enjoy Monsoon Tourism in Kerala

Monsoon time is a good season to visit Kerala and is also a welcome break from the oppressive heat of the summer. As Monsoon – the word itself makes one joyous! The intoxicating smell of the dry earth getting drenched, the splashing waters and the tiny paper boats sailing on the clogged water, make monsoons the favourite season in Kerala. After the long summer months of the heat and the dust having ruled the roost, the monsoon comes as a welcome change. The monsoon season makes the peacock fan out its plumes and dance with joy, the flowers of the golden mangoes bloom in plenty, the rivers and lakes to flow freely and the waterfalls to cascade majestically down the mountains! Kerala experiences the magic of the monsoon season in all its splendour, and tourists from across the state and country choose Kerala Tour Packages to get a taste of the monsoon!

Monsoon, the season of rainbows and raindrops, is certainly not to be wasted indoors. This very special season of the year, the monsoon brings everything to you afresh. The washed streets and the fresh leaves seem to smile with you. Monsoon isn’t just about getting all packed in rain coats; it calls for fun and excitement. Getting wet, splashing and swimming or wading through knee deep waters, sailing paper boats, etc are some little deeds one may enjoy indulging in. Flying Venus Travels  a tour operator in Bhopal also offers  Ayurveda vacation in the monsoons too, as this mode of treatment is said to work best during the rains. Ayurveda during monsoon is the best way to rejuvenate your mind and replenish your body.

Let’s explore the must visit monsoon tourism destinations in Kerala:


Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky’-Tagore. These poetic words by Tagore explains the nurtured feeling we get when we see the dark clouds forming up in sky, nature is ravishing when it is just about to rain. To experience this in the most favorite hill station of Kerala kissing the monsoon clouds, unraveling different colors of life is heavenly. A trip to Attukad Falls which will be roaring in the Monsoon making it dangerously beautiful, located 9kms from Munnar, on the way to Pallivasal. This hill station is accessible only by road so the ride to Munnar can be thrilling for the monsoon, if you love road trips this place can be daunting wanting to make you revisit it again.


There is no better place to enjoy monsoon than at the lap of Mother Nature. Wayanad has a large forest area, including the wild life sanctuary which can be explored in the monsoon for a long trail in woods capturing glimpses of finest creatures of nature. The ever romantic Kabani river is open for boat rides, the Banasura Sagar Dam, Meenmutty falls and Neelimala showcase the monsoon in a way which is hard to resist.


Located in the capital city of Trivandrum, Indian Ocean has blessed this place with long extended beaches separated by rocky hills, the perfect place to watch the ocean indulged in Ayurvedic massages. Kovalam is extravagant on monsoon; watch the roaring sea atop from the candy coloured light house, take long sunbathes and a swim in ocean when the clouds pave way for gleaming sun.


Famously known for the Papanasa hills, this beach has a serene silent beauty to it. Situated in the outskirts of Trivandrum District, the monsoon make this place adorning. The backwaters, beaches and hills embrace the monsoon and beautify gloriously. Do not miss this place if you are planning to visit Kerala for monsoon.


An extravagant place for spending monsoon in Kerala; known for the famous Bekal fort this place is packed with many other forts, beaches and hills. Take a journey to this historic destination with your loved ones , famously known for the song from Bombay movie. This is the absolute destination to enjoy Monsoon in Kerala.


Enjoy the backwaters of Kerala at its best, by taking a ride in the beautiful houseboats. Indulge in the authentic cuisine of Kerala, watching the rains in the middle of lake and experience the most amazing boat ride in your life. The rice wine and local foods of Alappuzha are well known for its authentic taste, it is a must do while you visit this beauty. No wonder why Aleppey is counted among monsoon destinations in Kerala.

Athirapally Falls.The Athirapally waterfalls is known as the Niagara of Kerala, it has a star quality from all the famous movies made in this ecstatic beauty. Situated in the Chalakudy river which is extended about 145 kilometers from Western Ghats,in Thrissur district at a height of 80feet. Imagine the roaring falls in the down pouring monsoon, this angelic beauty cannot be ignored while you visit Kerala for monsoon. During monsoon, Athirappally waterfalls can be at its’s best and is counted among the must visit monsoon destinations in Kerala.

Ashtamudi Lake

.shtamudi is a gateway to the backwaters of Kerala, the name is derived from the major 8 channels or branches of the river. Famously known for the houseboat rides, southern beauty will captivate you by the calm and fresh ambience. Take the 8km ride from Kollam to Alappuzha in this lake in monsoon, you will fall in love with this irresistible silent charmer.

Still any confusion in deciding your perfect getaway this monsoon?

Flying Venus Travels Pvt. Ltd. has the answer for all.  Kerala is the absolute destination for that romantic, close to nature vacation you have been waiting to do. Contact us to get to know more about our special packages to these amusing places for this Monsoon. These special tips will help you for your next visit to God’s own Country.