As the wedding rituals and ceremonies come to an end, the newlywed couples look forward to their long-awaited honeymoon. This is the only time when the couple get to know each other by spending some quality time together. As there are many gorgeous destinations all round the world, planning for a honeymoon becomes quite confusing job for the couples. But not anymore. In this blog, I will describe some of the best international honeymoon packages from Hyderabad. Each of them is a perfect romantic gateway for the newlyweds.

Here are World’s best honeymoon destinations –

  • Santorini, Greece: Santorini in Greece attracts the couples from all over the world who seek some quality time, away from the crowd. This place is adorned with sparkling white villas with azure sea as a contrast.
  • Sri Lanka: There isn’t any couple who doesn’t love the island, sea, beaches, mountains and forests. Sri Lanka is blessed with everything. From simplicity to thrilling experience, Sri Lanka serves with all kinds of purposes.
  • Paris: What can be better than a memorable honeymoon in Paris? Paris is famous by the name of ‘City of Love’. Couple can spend time in cruising in river, exploring the museums and the vintage city. Don’t forget to visit Eiffel Tower and have a jaw-dropping view of the city.
  • Maldives: If both of you are in adventure and thrilling activities, then Maldives will not leave to surprise you. If you want to enjoy beach walks, swimming with your partner, beach dinner and island hopping, then Maldives is definitely one of the best international honeymoon packages from Hyderabad.
  • Bali: If both of you love to observe the natural beauty, then you can grab one of the Bali honeymoon packages. It is an ideal place for those who seek peace and also for those who love adventurous activities. The couples can even enjoy trekking, snorkeling and hot air balloon ride.
  • Switzerland: If you are filmy by heart, then Switzerland is a perfect location for you. It is one of the top-rated international honeymoon destinations. This place never fails of amaze the couples with its surroundings, train rides and the unmatched beauty of the Alps.
  • Costa Rica: This place is a perfect mixture of both thrill & fun. This place is considered as one of the best honeymoon destinations as people can here enjoy hikes, walk leisurely on the beaches and even explore the wildlife of Costa Rica.

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